British Values

Teaching British values is an important part of ensuring that individuals living in the UK understand the principles and beliefs that underpin the country’s society. The following are some ways we teach British values:

1.       The rule of law: We encourage pupils to learn about laws and their purpose. We discuss the importance of obeying laws and the consequences of breaking them. We show pupils how laws are made and enforced in the UK.

2.       Democracy: We teach students about the democratic process and how it works in the UK. We discuss the importance of voting and the role of political parties. We encourage pupils to engage in debates and discussions.

3.       Individual liberty: We explain to pupils the importance of individual freedom and the right to make choices. We discuss the responsibilities that come with these rights and the importance of respecting the rights of others.

4.       Mutual respect: We encourage pupils to respect others, regardless of their background or beliefs. We discuss the importance of treating everyone with dignity and the value of diversity.

5.       Tolerance: We teach students to be tolerant of others and to value different opinions and beliefs. Encourage them to challenge their own prejudices and biases.

These values are taught at Northfields Infants and Nursery School through a variety of methods, including classroom discussions, role-playing activities, case studies, and Philosophy for Children (P4C). We believe It is also important to model these values in our own behaviour and interactions with pupils.

Furthermore, there are resources available to support the teaching of British values, including the Department for Education’s guidance on promoting fundamental British values in schools.