School Meals

See the bottom of this page for an overview of our current menu.

Northfields Infants and Nursery School has its own kitchen and all meals are prepared and cooked on the premises.  School lunch is an integral part of the school day and the learning process is extended to the dining room.  We encourage the children to eat wisely by providing a well balanced menu, using fresh ingredients.  Each day there is a choice of hot and cold meals.  Baked potatoes are also available every day. School meals are free for all children from Reception Class up to Year 2.

Packed Lunches

If you opt for your child to have a packed lunch, it should be brought to school in an appropriate container – preferably a Tupperware type box with a removable lid to save space at the table.  Lunch Boxes must show your child’s name and the name of their class.  We encourage healthy eating within school, so please do not send in sweets and chocolate bars as part of your child’s packed lunch.   If you wish your child to change from having school lunch to having a packed lunch each day, or vice versa, we ask you to complete a form at the school office, giving one week’s notice of the change to allow for the kitchen’s ordering of supplies.   

Friday Favourites/Wednesday Roasts

Children who have packed lunch can take part in Friday Favourites or Wednesday Roasts or both.  If your child wishes to take part, whatever their choice might be they will be expected to have a school dinner every Friday and / or Wednesday for that particular half term.

How it works

Each morning, during registration, pupils see their meal choices on their class whiteboards (example below) and, when they register, their class teacher asks what meal they would like to have. Each meal is colour coded (red is usually a meat-based meal, yellow is usually a cold option, green is the vegetarian/vegan option and yellow is baked potatoes), so at lunchtime, they wear the corresponding wristband in order that the kitchen knows their choice. Pupils choosing to have a packed lunch will also inform their class teacher during registration.