Online Safety Acceptable Use Agreement

For Staff, Governors and student teachers (on placement or on staff)

You must read this agreement in conjunction with the online safety policy. Once you have read it, you must digitally sign and submit this agreement and it will be kept on record in the school. You will receive your own copy for reference. This forms part of your professional and safeguarding responsibilities.

Internet, mobile and digital technologies are part of our daily working life and this agreement is designed to ensure that all staff and governors are aware of their responsibilities in relation to their use.  All staff, student teachers and governors are expected to adhere to this agreement and to the online safety policy.  Any concerns or clarification should be discussed with the headteacher. Breaches will be investigated, recorded and, where appropriate, disciplinary procedures will apply and police involvement will be sought.

Internet Access

I will not access or attempt to access any sites that contain any of the following: child abuse; pornography; discrimination of any kind; promotion of prejudice against any group; promotion of illegal acts; any other information which may be illegal or offensive.  Inadvertent access on school equipment must be treated as an online safety incident, reported to the DSL and an incident report completed.

Online conduct

I will ensure that my online activity, both in and outside school, will not bring the school, my professional reputation, or that of others, into disrepute.

I will not browse, download, upload or distribute any material that could be considered offensive, illegal or discriminatory.  Exceptionally, use of controversial material as part of the curriculum should be planned and approved on every occasion (see policy). 

I will report any accidental access to or receipt of inappropriate materials or filtering breach to the headteacher.

I understand that all my use of the internet and other related technologies can be traced and monitored and, should it be required, must be made available to my line manager, headteacher and others as required.

I will not give out my personal contact and online account information such as phone numbers, email address, and social media account details to pupils and/or parents/carers.

Social networking

I understand the need to separate my professional role from my private friendships; in my professional capacity I will not become ‘friends’ with parents/carers or pupils on social networks. Where my school role is my only connection to an individual, private online contact is unacceptable with parents/carers or pupils.

When using social networking for personal use I will ensure my settings are not public. My private account postings will never undermine or disparage the school, its staff, governors, parents/carers or pupils. Privileged information must remain confidential.

I will not upload any material about or references to the school or its community on my personal social networks.


I understand that there is no occasion when a password should be shared with a pupil or anyone who is not a staff member.

Data protection

I will follow requirements for data protection.  These include:

  • Photographs must be kept securely and used appropriately, whether in school, taken off the school premises or accessed remotely
  • Personal data can only be taken out of school or accessed remotely when authorised by the headteacher or governing body
  • Personal or sensitive data taken off site must be encrypted

Images and videos

I will only upload images or videos of staff, pupils or parents/carers onto school approved sites where specific permission has been granted.

I will not take images, sound recordings or videos of school events or activities on any personal device.

Use of email

I will use my school email address or governor hub for all school business.  All such correspondence must be kept professional and is open to Subject Access Requests under the Freedom of Information Act.  I will not use my school email addresses or governor hub for personal matters or non-school business.

Use of personal devices

I understand that as a member of staff I should at no time put myself in a position where a safeguarding allegation can be made against me as a result of my use of personal devices. I understand that the use of personal devices in school is at the discretion of the headteacher.

I will only use approved personal devices in designated areas and never in front of pupils.

I will not access secure school information from personal devices when in school or any other location unless a closed, monitorable system has been set up by the school. Such a system would ensure as the user I was not saving files locally to my own device and breaching data security.

Additional hardware/software

I will not install any hardware or software on school equipment without permission of the headteacher.

Promoting online safety

I understand that online safety is the responsibility of all staff and governors and I will promote positive online safety messages at all times including when setting homework or providing pastoral support.

I understand that it is my duty to support a whole school safeguarding approach and will report any inappropriate or concerning behaviour (of other staff, governors, visitors, pupils or parents/carers) to the DSL or headteacher.

Classroom management of internet access

I will pre-check for appropriateness all internet sites used in the classroom this will include the acceptability of other material visible, however briefly, on the site.  I will not free-surf the internet in front of pupils.

If I am using the internet to teach about controversial issues I will secure, on every occasion, approval in advance for the material I plan to use with the headteacher.

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