At Northfields Infants and Nursery School, we believe music is inclusive and accessible to all. We want children to develop a love of music through exposure to different types of music: genres, composers, and styles, presented via high-quality examples performed through live experiences or technology. We aim for them to encounter the sounds of various instruments through demonstrations and real-life experiences whenever possible. Our goal is to inspire creativity in our children by providing them with high-quality teaching. We empower our children to learn about different dimensions and develop skills to plan, practise, perform, and evaluate their own and others’ work.

At Northfields Infants and Nursery School, we strive for our children to become confident communicators, capable of sharing ideas, planning independently and collaboratively, understanding notation, practising, and feeling confident when performing and sharing their work and skills with others, fostering a love of learning in music. We ensure a clear learning journey across year groups, promoting progression in skills and knowledge throughout a child’s time with us.


At Northfields, we deliver the music curriculum through both class music lessons and whole school singing assemblies. Singing is inclusive to all through the use of signing, and we teach both singing skills and links to musical dimensions through discussions about the music they are learning. Music lessons focus on listening to high-quality stimuli to explore the different dimensions and skills of music, developing them through singing and instruments, with opportunities to apply the knowledge through composition and performance.

The children at Northfields Infants and Nursery School participate in school performances such as a Harvest Festival, a whole school Christmas production and an end-of-year assembly by Year 2. We also provide opportunities for the children to experience live music by inviting performers into school.

At Northfields, music is strongly linked with other curriculum areas such as PE, Art, and Science. Planning follows a curriculum map that specifies the skills progression throughout the school. Year group planning builds on previous knowledge and skills to ensure each child progresses during their time with us from their various starting points. Year group planning allows children to gain knowledge, master skills, plan, prepare, and perform using Charanga as a tool for supporting this journey.

Children play a variety of tuned and untuned percussion instruments in lessons.


At Northfields Infants and Nursery School, we can judge the success of our music curriculum in the following ways:

  1. Fostering a love of music in various forms, nurturing a desire to listen to, perform, and explore curiosity in different genres and instruments, as evidenced by increased levels of participation.
  2. Learning walks conducted by subject leaders, the senior leadership team, governors, or external visitors demonstrate evidence of our educational goals in action and progress.
  3. Evidence of learning is showcased through photographs, videos, recordings and performances.
  4. Compositions and musical appreciation demonstrate the skills and knowledge experienced and taught, with pupils’ comments captured.
  5. Understanding how music can contribute to mood, relaxation, mental health, and wellbeing is appreciated.
  6. High-quality performances are shared with fellow pupils, parents, and visitors.
  7. We strive to ensure that our pupils’ attainment aligns with or exceeds their potential, considering the varied starting points of all our pupils.