Forest School

The Forest School experience:

  • Child led
  • At least 9 weeks long
  • Same group of children & adult
  • Varied & flexible in structure
  • Includes planned activities
  • Fun
  • Outdoors/ real life
  • No pencils!
  • Cross curricular
Our children will experience: During the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will take part in Forest School sessions on Friday afternoon in the school grounds as part of Democratic Time. Reception pupils will take part in Forest School sessions weekly. Each week the children will work in small groups of 2 children with a Forest School leader, 1:6.They will stay in the same groups each week with the same adult to build social skills and develop team work skills. Children will be able to follow their own interests when learning outside at Forest School. In May each year, Year 1 pupils will spend the day at Wymondley Wood experiencing Forest School in a woodland setting. In July each year, Year 2 pupils will spend the day at Wymondley Wood.Forest Schools have become an important part of Early Years education in Denmark and many other Scandinavian countries. Practitioners quickly saw the huge benefits to children being educated in an outdoor setting. “Many areas of the National Curriculum, foundation to KS4are intrinsically covered in the Forest School experience without the programmes needing to be curriculum led.” 
forest school
What is the role of adults at Forest School?
Talk to the children
Give help when needed
Teach outdoor skills
Model activities
Support interests of the children in their group
Value all children
Ensure safety
Give time! 

Year 1 and Year 2: Wymondley Wood – Forest School sessions. 

What will the children learn at Forest School?

  • Independence
  • Physical skills
  • Responsibility: self/ others
  • Language development
  • Team work
  • Build self esteem
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Experience nature and seasons
  • Manage risk taking